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Indy Dumpster Diving Community — LiveJournal


Looking for new places on the east side of Indy Jul. 9th, 2018 @ 04:29 am
Tyler Bingham
I need to find somewhere new to dive near Washington amd Arlington. Does anyone have suggestions?

Oct. 20th, 2004 @ 06:08 am
my dad was going to his moms house near downtown and found one of those dog igloo houses in someones trash, just to be sure it was getting thrown away he went up to the door and asked if he could take it, so i got a new dogloo for my dog ^_^ its pretty big, i can fit in it.

Sep. 30th, 2004 @ 10:04 pm
thanks for the linky from that other dumpster community. redrevolt!
*follows ilikebeesknees*
I used to dive alot a while back, looking for obsolete electronics, and... well you know... whatever else i could find.
I play well with others, and am all about the sharing.
here: if you ever want any big fuck-off pieces of vinyl, dumpster my work. (billboard printing place) 1919 s girls school.
soooo ive been working second shift for a million years, and im getting pretty bored with video games all night.
if you want a total stranger to hold a flashlight or jump into a bin with, gimme a buzz.
i live downtown, and don't have a truck :)

Sep. 29th, 2004 @ 02:26 am
Hi. I'm new to the community.
I'm in another dumpster diving community, too. I never have any luck finding places without compactors.
Does anyone know of anywhere?

This is a post in the other community of my last 'sucessful' dive.
All I can find anything at is this thrift store. It seems everywhere has compactors... and a lot of places have locks, too.


And I'm from the southside, too.

Sep. 21st, 2004 @ 10:04 pm
well, i admit that you had us there, with the cop and all.

anyhoo, it was nice meeting everyone last night. the confusion was well worth the three books in hindi and vintage sailor's manual.

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Other entries
» (No Subject)
Tonight we had a pretty good score. Lots of good books, some VHS tapes and a cool ladder book shelf. There were some other odds and ends that I can't remember. Plus, tonight we ran into some other divers on the northside. Hopefully they'll join the community. It was funny, we were sitting by the dumpster chatting when a Sheriff's car pulled up. I knew it was my friend but I was curious how everyone else would react. Other than that, my tooth frickin hurts!

Diving earned D and I $200 and will probably get us more cash this weekend.

yay, free money for someone else's garbage....
» (No Subject)
Finds from last night:

-some good books
-a few movies
-brand new fire extiguisher (in box)

It's been kinda slim in ye olde dumpster land. This doesn't make me a happy diver. But it seems to come in waves, minimal finds then bang, a whole dumpster full of computers. We still haven't found any new places to dive. Any suggestions? Oh, and welcome to our new members: aleighn, athena_altera, bandgeek_4_life, kimeatworld and mscuriousity. For those of you who just watch the community, don't be scared to jump in, it's only trash...
» (No Subject)
I found out tonight that dumpster diving is not illegal. The only things that change the law are:

1. No Trespassing Signs
2. Locks, chains and misc other ways to ruin our fun
3. Mall Security Guards with Ego Problems

So, tonight we went out armed with new knowledge and came home with only a few decent itmes.

- 2 cool books (historical pirate stories and a WWII book)
- tons of software (Delta Force 2, Tomb Raider etc)
- 2 ptouch label printers with cracked LCDs
- a educational copy of XP

I found the label makers by accident. I slipped while standing on the edge of the dumpster and
as I fell, I dropped my flashlight inside. So, as I was digging around to find it, I noticed it was shinning
on the label makers. Must be fate, now I just need some batteries. We hit a big office park but didn't
find anything worthwhile. We've been trying to think of new places to go but we're out of ideas. Next
week we're going to start logging the days certain trash services collect and in what areas. Have a nice little
log book to keep track of good finds and look for patterns. We believe a certain computer store cleans
out the tech/service area every month or so. I would go out by myself but my truck is too loud (when it
actually starts) so it makes for a long night plus no stereo.

anywho, gotta sleep....

is anyone else going to post here or am the only diver in Indy with an LJ account???
» We took your trash!
Tonight we had a pretty decent haul.

Almost a full set of Nautica Dishware, Sharper Image CD player, Apothecary Box, multiple good movies and books... oh and a full set of Half-Life CDs and add ons. See the pics in amazing 2D with technicolor (as soon as I remember my ftp info!)....
» Welcome!!!
This is Indianapolis' Official Dumpster Diving Community. Share your stories, good finds and hotspots!

Recent Finds:

Unused Notebooks

New Computer Desk

Multiple "smashed" laptops (good for parts)

Smashed G4 Tower (new donor drive for my PC)

Great Horror Novels

All off topic posts will be deleted.
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